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Weekly Planning Alert, 27/03/2024

Planning Alert, Mar. 27th 2024
New and decided planning application updates issued by Leitrim County Council on 27/03/2024

New // Aghnahunshin , Rooskey , Co. Leitrim

conversion of the existing attic room at first floor level to a recreation / music room ancillary to the enjoyment of the existing dwellinghouse including the provision of permanent stairs and 3 No. roof windows to the Front elevation of the dwellinghouse including all necessary alterations and associated ancillary works. 2.Retention permission is sought for alterations to the existing dwellinghouse and alterations to the site layout plan, with reference to previous Grant of Permission P.2445, as per drawings and documents lodged to Leitrim County council.

New // Castle Street , Manorhamilton , Leitrim

construct a single storey type domestic extension to the side of the existing dwelling, together with all ancillary works

Decided // Cleendargan , Ballinamore , Co. Leitrim

(1) Retain and complete the existing single storey dwelling with living accommodation in the roof space. (2) Construct a domestic garage. (3) Upgrade the existing waste water treatment system to current EPA code of practice, and all ancillary works.

Decided // 2 Greaghnafarna , Ballinaglera , Co.Leitrim

A change of use from a short term rental property to a permanent Domestic Residence

Decided // Hyde Street , Mohill , Co. Leitrim

to demolish old bakery building and construct two-storey dwelling on existing footprint, connection to existing services, associated site development works, landscaping etc. and provide amenity space to existing dwelling.

Decided // Letter Boleybaun Stangaun Greaghnadarragh Corralustia Turpaun Gortnasillagh West Lugmeeltan Leckaun Lisgavneen Treannadullagh Drumcashlagh and Corderry , Drumkeeran , County Leitrim

ten year planning permission with a 40-year operational life (from the date of commissioning of the development). (ii) Construction of 4 No. wind turbines with an overall ground to blade tip height ranging from 149.85m to 150m inclusive. The wind turbines will have a rotor diameter ranging from 115.7m to 117m inclusive and a hub height ranging from 91.5m to 92m inclusive. (iii) Construction of permanent turbine hardstands and turbine foundations. (iv) Construction of a bottomless bridge culvert across a minor stream on site (EPA River Segment Code: 26_4053). (v) Construction of one temporary construction compound with associated temporary site offices, parking areas and security fencing. (vi) Installation of one (40-year life cycle) meteorological mast with a height of 50m and a 4m lightning pole on top. (vii) Construction of new internal site access tracks and upgrade of a section of existing internal Site track, to include all associated drainage. (viii) Improvement of existing site entrance with access via the L4282. (ix) Development of an internal site drainage network and sediment control systems. (x) Construction of 1 no. permanent 20kV electrical substation. (xi) All associated underground electrical and communications cabling connecting the wind turbines to the wind farm substation. (xii) All works associated with the connection of the wind farm to the national electricity grid, which will be via 20kV underground and partially overhead cable connection approximately 6.4km in length to the existing ESB Corderry 110kV Substation in the townlands of Letter, Greaghnadarragh, Stangaun, Corralustia, Turpaun, Gortnasillagh West, Lugmeeltan, Leckaun, Lisgavneen, Treannadullagh, Drumcashlagh and Corderry. (xiii) Ancillary forestry felling to facilitate construction of the development. (xiv) All associated site development works including berms, landscaping, and soil excavation. (xv) Installation of battery arrays located within container units (2 no. units) and associated electrical plant for grid stabilisation adjacent to the substation building. (xvi) Development of one on-site borrow pit.

Decided // Drumlease Road , Drumlease , Dromahair

extension and alterations to our house

Decided // Tawnagh More , Mohill , Co.Leitrim

refurbishment and extension of existing vacant dwelling and detached tailors cottage,two storey rear and single storey side extension to dwelling,single storey extension to tailors cottage to provide short term holiday let,new waste water management system and external works

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